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Continuous Delivery from Scratch (I'm writing a book!)

01 Nov 2014

continuous delivery

I’ve had the privilege of attending and speaking at various events this year - Pipeline Conf, JavaOne, XP Days Hamburg - and I’ve decided to put a load of stuff that I’ve learned (and argued about!) regarding Continuous Delivery into a small leanpub book which I will be continually updating in small chunks.

This coincides with (and was inspired by but not strictly part of) NaNoWriMo and I plan to be publishing frequent updates as I go, but I don’t intend to drop everything at the end of the month - a work like this, based on my experiences, is not going to really be “finished” (much like software development).

I chose the title Continuous Delivery from Scratch because I think there are some really interesting ideas about how these values and principles mutate and adapt to scaling, and I’m looking forward to feedback, comments, and conversations about them.

So please go and take a quick read and tell me your thoughts!